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  • Peacock Single Feather Dispenser


    Painted peacock feather glass oil dispenser is a must have!  Unique glass art makes a great addition to your kitchen décor.  Peacock feather dispenser is a usable piece of art; great for vinegar, soap, or making your own flavored oils.  One peacock feather was hand painted on this 473 ml (approximately 16 oz.) dispenser.  Dispenser comes with a tapered spout for controlled pouring.   Fourth picture shows the feather from the opposite side of the dispenser.

    Since every piece of glass is individually hand painted, no two pieces will be exactly the same.  This makes every piece unique in its own way. 

    The highest quality acrylic enamel paint was used.  Paint is cured and heat treated for durability.  To protect and preserve the artwork, hand painted glass dispenser should be hand washed with non-abrasive cleaners; keeping each piece looking new.  Please do not soak or scrub the artwork.  

    Popular gift for Mother's Day, Bridal Showers, Housewarming, and many more.