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  • Recycled Beer Bottle Cigar Ash Tray


    Need a Father's Day gift?  Searching for grooms men's gifts?  Recycled beer bottle is a unique gift for the beer lover in your life.  Uses can include: spoon rest, cigar ash tray, candy dish, your options are endless.  As each bottle melts differently, each piece is unique in its own way.  Since no two bottles melt exactly the same, there may be some slightly differences to the one shown in the picture. 

    This 12 oz bottle was melted to create a cigar ash tray. The way the base of the bottle melts allows the use for this tray to use as an ash tray.  The curved base allows a cigar to rest while the bottle catches your ashes.  What makes this bottle unique is the cap is put back onto the bottle.  If you prefer, use as a spoon rest.  Each bottle is recapped to give it that finished look.